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Akwe Pro Font Download

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Akwe Pro downloadDesigner: Roch Modrzejewski
Publisher: ROHH
Akwe Pro was designed by Roch Modrzejewski and published by ROHH. Akwe Pro contains 164 styles and family package options.  

Akwe Pro is a professional, ultra versatile sans serif typeface characterized by excellent legibility and modern design perfect for all design purposes.

It is designed for use in long and short paragraphs of text, headlines and user interfaces. Its distinctive character and carefully crafted proportions make it a great option for brand identification and logo design.

Akwe Pro mega family consists of 164 fonts - each weight in uprights, italics and small caps versions. It has extended language support and true italics, as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as small caps, case sensitive forms, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, contextual alternates, lining, old style, tabular and small cap figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

Font Family:
· Akwe Pro Hairline
· Akwe Pro Ultra Thin
· Akwe Pro Thin
· Akwe Pro Extra Light
· Akwe Pro Light
· Akwe Pro Regular
· Akwe Pro Medium
· Akwe Pro Demi Bold
· Akwe Pro Bold
· Akwe Pro Extra Bold
· Akwe Pro Black
· Akwe Pro Hairline Italic
· Akwe Pro Ultra Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Extra Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Regular Italic
· Akwe Pro Medium Italic
· Akwe Pro Demi Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Extra Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Black Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Hairline
· Akwe Pro Nar Ultra Thin
· Akwe Pro Nar Thin
· Akwe Pro Nar Extra Light
· Akwe Pro Nar Light
· Akwe Pro Nar Regular
· Akwe Pro Nar Medium
· Akwe Pro Nar Demi Bold
· Akwe Pro Nar Bold
· Akwe Pro Nar Extra Bold
· Akwe Pro Nar Hairline Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Ultra Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Extra Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Regular Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Medium Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Demi Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Nar Extra Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Hairline
· Akwe Pro Con Ultra Thin
· Akwe Pro Con Thin
· Akwe Pro Con Extra Light
· Akwe Pro Con Light
· Akwe Pro Con Regular
· Akwe Pro Con Medium
· Akwe Pro Con Demi Bold
· Akwe Pro Con Bold
· Akwe Pro Con Hairline Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Ultra Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Extra Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Regular Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Medium Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Demi Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Con Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Hairline
· Akwe Pro Ext Ultra Thin
· Akwe Pro Ext Thin
· Akwe Pro Ext Extra Light
· Akwe Pro Ext Light
· Akwe Pro Ext Regular
· Akwe Pro Ext Medium
· Akwe Pro Ext Demi Bold
· Akwe Pro Ext Bold
· Akwe Pro Ext Extra Bold
· Akwe Pro Ext Black
· Akwe Pro Ext Hairline Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Ultra Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Extra Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Light Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Regular Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Medium Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Demi Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Extra Bold Italic
· Akwe Pro Ext Black Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Hairline
· Akwe Pro SC Ultra Thin
· Akwe Pro SC Thin
· Akwe Pro SC Extra Light
· Akwe Pro SC Light
· Akwe Pro SC Regular
· Akwe Pro SC Medium
· Akwe Pro SC Demi Bold
· Akwe Pro SC Bold
· Akwe Pro SC Extra Bold
· Akwe Pro SC Black
· Akwe Pro SC Hairline Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Ultra Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Thin Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Extra Light Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Light Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Regular Italic
· Akwe Pro SC Medium Italic

Tags: black, branding, condensed, corporate, extended, grotesk, hairline, legible, magazine, modern, monoline, narrow, paragraph, sans-serif, simple, small caps, technical, text, thin, true italics, versatile, workhorse

Akwe Pro Font Preview

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