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Alergia Grotesk Font Download

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Alergia Grotesk downloadDesigner: Mateusz Machalski
Publisher: BORUTTA
Designed by Mateusz Machalski, Alergia Grotesk is a sans serif font family. This typeface has sixty styles and was published by BORUTTA.

Alergia Grotesk was made as a hybrid between a classical geometric grotesque and a linear antiqua. This typeface is characterised by a lot of details, which gives it a strong character. Unpredictable cuts in a letters “a” and “s”, or a double “g” in combination with a delicate contrast, makes Alergia Grotesk a good choice for many purposes from headlines to short flowing texts. A big range of width varieties allows to versatile use and can give a nice effect while mixing extreme varieties with each other in one project. The family consist 10 weights, 3 widths and set of italics – together 60 styles. The whole family has a comprehensive set of characters. In additionton the Latin letters, Alergia Grotesk also has a full set of characters for Vietnamese, extended Cyrillic (with Abkhasian) and Greek.

Font Family:
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Hairline
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Hairline Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Thin
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Thin Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Extra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Extra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Ultra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Ultra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Light
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Regular
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Medium
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Medium Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Semi Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Semi Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Black
· Alergia Grotesk Normal Black Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Hairline
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Hairline Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Thin
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Thin Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Extra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Ultra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Light
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Regular
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Medium
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Medium Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Semi Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Black
· Alergia Grotesk Condensed Black Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Hairline
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Hairline Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Thin
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Thin Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Extra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Extra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Ultra Light
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Ultra Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Light
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Light Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Regular
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Medium
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Medium Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Semi Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Semi Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Bold
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Bold Italic
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Black
· Alergia Grotesk Wide Black Italic

Alergia Grotesk Font Preview
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