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Allotrope Font Download

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Allotrope downloadDesigner: Nikola Kostić
Publisher: Kostic
Allotrope was designed by Nikola Kostić and published by Kostic. Allotrope contains 100 styles and family package options.  

Allotropes are different structural forms of the same element and can exhibit quite different physical properties and chemical behaviors. The change between allotropic forms is triggered by the same forces that affect other structures – pressure, light, and temperature. From Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

With ten weights in five widths plus Italics, this family comes to a total of 100 fonts. The large number of styles was made with the intent to cover most cases UI designers have to tackle, with one type family. Stylistic alternates were made to follow the same logic, so there is an optional single-story g, serifed capital I, and dotted zero – all available through the OpenType feature. The character set supports Western and Central European languages, as well as Turkish. 

Font Family:
· Allotrope Compressed Thin
· Allotrope Compressed Thin Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Ultra Light
· Allotrope Compressed Ultra Light Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Extra Light
· Allotrope Compressed Extra Light Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Light
· Allotrope Compressed Light Italic
· Allotrope Compressed
· Allotrope Compressed Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Medium
· Allotrope Compressed Medium Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Bold
· Allotrope Compressed Bold Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Extra Bold
· Allotrope Compressed Extra Bold Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Black
· Allotrope Compressed Black Italic
· Allotrope Compressed Heavy
· Allotrope Compressed Heavy Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Thin
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Thin Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Ultra Light
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Extra Light
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Light
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Light Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Medium
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Medium Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Bold
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Bold Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Extra Bold
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Black
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Black Italic
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Heavy
· Allotrope Ex Condensed Heavy Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Thin
· Allotrope Condensed Thin Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Ultra Light
· Allotrope Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Extra Light
· Allotrope Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Light
· Allotrope Condensed Light Italic
· Allotrope Condensed
· Allotrope Condensed Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Medium
· Allotrope Condensed Medium Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Bold
· Allotrope Condensed Bold Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Extra Bold
· Allotrope Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Black
· Allotrope Condensed Black Italic
· Allotrope Condensed Heavy
· Allotrope Condensed Heavy Italic
· Allotrope Thin
· Allotrope Thin Italic
· Allotrope Ultra Light
· Allotrope Ultra Light Italic
· Allotrope Extra Light
· Allotrope Extra Light Italic
· Allotrope Light
· Allotrope Light Italic
· Allotrope Regular
· Allotrope Italic
· Allotrope Medium
· Allotrope Medium Italic
· Allotrope Bold
· Allotrope Bold Italic
· Allotrope Extra Bold
· Allotrope Extra Bold Italic
· Allotrope Black
· Allotrope Black Italic
· Allotrope Heavy
· Allotrope Heavy Italic
· Allotrope Wide Thin
· Allotrope Wide Thin Italic
· Allotrope Wide Ultra Light
· Allotrope Wide Ultra Light Italic
· Allotrope Wide Extra Light
· Allotrope Wide Extra Light Italic
· Allotrope Wide Light
· Allotrope Wide Light Italic
· Allotrope Wide
· Allotrope Wide Italic
· Allotrope Wide Medium
· Allotrope Wide Medium Italic
· Allotrope Wide Bold
· Allotrope Wide Bold Italic
· Allotrope Wide Extra Bold
· Allotrope Wide Extra Bold Italic
· Allotrope Wide Black
· Allotrope Wide Black Italic
· Allotrope Wide Heavy
· Allotrope Wide Heavy Italic

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