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Aspira Font Download

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Aspira downloadPublisher: Durotype
Aspira is a sans serif font family. This typeface has one hundred and thirteen styles and was published by Durotype.

Aspira: the legible geometric typeface.

Aspira is a multi-purpose typeface. It is suitable for both text and display use — for graphic design, corporate identity design, magazines, newspapers, books, reports, advertising, signage, etc.

Aspira is a versatile typeface. It offers 112 styles, 8 weights, and 7 widths. It offers 56 upright fonts and 56 italic fonts. It offers lining and oldstyle figures (proportional and tabular). It offers small caps, ligatures, arbitrary fractions, and extensive language support. Aspira is a toolkit for any typographic challenge.

Aspira is a geometric typeface. It offers a fresh geometric personality which is pleasant and not too conspicuous.
Aspira is a multi-width typeface. It offers 7 widths — much more than what is currently usual.
Aspira is a legible typeface. Many of its details, like its open apertures and subtle variations in stroke width, are designed to enhance its legibility.

Free demo font available.

Aspira in use: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

For more information about Aspira, download the PDF Specimen Manual.

Font Family:
· Aspira DEMO
· Aspira Thin
· Aspira Thin Italic
· Aspira Light
· Aspira Light Italic
· Aspira Regular
· Aspira Italic
· Aspira Medium
· Aspira Medium Italic
· Aspira Demi
· Aspira Demi Italic
· Aspira Bold
· Aspira Bold Italic
· Aspira Heavy
· Aspira Heavy Italic
· Aspira Black
· Aspira Black Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Thin
· Aspira XXXNar Thin Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Light
· Aspira XXXNar Light Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Regular
· Aspira XXXNar Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Medium
· Aspira XXXNar Medium Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Demi
· Aspira XXXNar Demi Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Bold
· Aspira XXXNar Bold Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Heavy
· Aspira XXXNar Heavy Italic
· Aspira XXXNar Black
· Aspira XXXNar Black Italic
· Aspira XXNar Thin
· Aspira XXNar Thin Italic
· Aspira XXNar Light
· Aspira XXNar Light Italic
· Aspira XXNar Regular
· Aspira XXNar Italic
· Aspira XXNar Medium
· Aspira XXNar Medium Italic
· Aspira XXNar Demi
· Aspira XXNar Demi Italic
· Aspira XXNar Bold
· Aspira XXNar Bold Italic
· Aspira XXNar Heavy
· Aspira XXNar Heavy Italic
· Aspira XXNar Black
· Aspira XXNar Black Italic
· Aspira XNar Thin
· Aspira XNar Thin Italic
· Aspira XNar Light
· Aspira XNar Light Italic
· Aspira XNar Regular
· Aspira XNar Italic
· Aspira XNar Medium
· Aspira XNar Medium Italic
· Aspira XNar Demi
· Aspira XNar Demi Italic
· Aspira XNar Bold
· Aspira XNar Bold Italic
· Aspira XNar Heavy
· Aspira XNar Heavy Italic
· Aspira XNar Black
· Aspira XNar Black Italic
· Aspira Nar Thin
· Aspira Nar Thin Italic
· Aspira Nar Light
· Aspira Nar Light Italic
· Aspira Nar Regular
· Aspira Nar Italic
· Aspira Nar Medium
· Aspira Nar Medium Italic
· Aspira Nar Demi
· Aspira Nar Demi Italic
· Aspira Nar Bold
· Aspira Nar Bold Italic
· Aspira Nar Heavy
· Aspira Nar Heavy Italic
· Aspira Nar Black
· Aspira Nar Black Italic
· Aspira Wide Thin
· Aspira Wide Thin Italic
· Aspira Wide Light
· Aspira Wide Light Italic
· Aspira Wide Regular
· Aspira Wide Italic
· Aspira Wide Medium
· Aspira Wide Medium Italic
· Aspira Wide Demi
· Aspira Wide Demi Italic
· Aspira Wide Bold
· Aspira Wide Bold Italic
· Aspira Wide Heavy
· Aspira Wide Heavy Italic
· Aspira Wide Black
· Aspira Wide Black Italic
· Aspira XWide Thin
· Aspira XWide Thin Italic
· Aspira XWide Light
· Aspira XWide Light Italic
· Aspira XWide Regular
· Aspira XWide Italic
· Aspira XWide Medium
· Aspira XWide Medium Italic
· Aspira XWide Demi
· Aspira XWide Demi Italic
· Aspira XWide Bold
· Aspira XWide Bold Italic
· Aspira XWide Heavy
· Aspira XWide Heavy Italic
· Aspira XWide Black
· Aspira XWide Black Italic

Aspira Font Preview
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