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Blacker Pro Font Download

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Blacker Pro downloadDesigners: Cosimo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli
Publisher: Zetafonts
Blacker Pro was designed by Cosimo Pancini, Andrea Tartarelli and published by Zetafonts. Blacker Pro contains 69 styles and family package options. The font is currently #38 in Best Sellers. 

Blacker Pro is the revised and extended version of the original wedge serif type family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli in 2017. Blacker was developed as a take on the style that Jeremiah Shoaf has defined as the 'evil serif' genre: typefaces with high contrast, oldstyle or modern serif proportions and sharp, blade-like triangular serifs.

Due to the high contrast in the design - slightly reminescent of didone typefaces - Blacker has been developed in two optical subfamilies. The display version offers tighter tracking, higher contrast and sharper corners for maximum effect at big sizes, while the text variant offers better readability and screen rendering at smaller sizes, with lower contrast and looser spacing.

In the pro version, two additional condensed variant families have been added (condensed display and condensed text) allowing for more freedom and versatility in typesetting where space constraints are present. Also, three titling uppercase-only variants have been added, with a slightly extended feel, and two decorative subfamilies (inline and diamond).

Each of these seven variants has been developed in six weights from light to heavy, with matching italics, for a total of 69 styles covering a wide range of editorial and advertising uses. All Blacker Pro feature a revised and extended character set covering over two hundred languages using the latin, cyrillic and greek alphabets. Open type features include small caps, positional numerals, fractions, superior & inferior figures, alternate forms, and an extended set of standard and discretionary ligatures.

With its bold personality, Blacker aims to be a modern classic used for bold statements and self-conscious brands, making your text look great both on paper and on the screens.

Font Family:
· Blacker Pro Display Light
· Blacker Pro Display Light Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Regular
· Blacker Pro Display Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Medium
· Blacker Pro Display Medium Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Bold
· Blacker Pro Display Bold Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Extrabold
· Blacker Pro Display Extrabold Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Heavy
· Blacker Pro Display Heavy Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Light
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Light Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Regular
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Medium
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Medium Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Bold
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Bold Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Extrabold
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Extrabold Italic
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Heavy
· Blacker Pro Display Condensed Heavy Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Light
· Blacker Pro Text Light Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Book
· Blacker Pro Text Book Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Regular
· Blacker Pro Text Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Medium
· Blacker Pro Text Medium Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Bold
· Blacker Pro Text Bold Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Heavy
· Blacker Pro Text Heavy Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Light
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Light Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Book
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Book Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Regular
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Medium
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Medium Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Bold
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Bold Italic
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Heavy
· Blacker Pro Text Condensed Heavy Italic
· Blacker Pro Titling Light
· Blacker Pro Titling Regular
· Blacker Pro Titling Medium
· Blacker Pro Titling Bold
· Blacker Pro Titling Extrabold
· Blacker Pro Titling Heavy
· Blacker Pro Titling Black
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Light
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Regular
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Medium
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Bold
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Extrabold
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Heavy
· Blacker Pro Titling Inline Black
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Light
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Regular
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Medium
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Bold
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Extrabold
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Heavy
· Blacker Pro Titling Diamond Black

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