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Blue Goblet Drawn Font Download

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Blue Goblet Drawn downloadPublisher: Insigne Design
Blue Goblet Drawn is a hand drawn and kids font family. This typeface has twenty-one styles and was published by Insigne Design.

This best selling series has now been extended to include a new member, Blue Goblet Drawn. Blue Goblet is hand-drawn by the artist, Cory Godbey, and is organic, charming and exuberant. Characters bounce and dance above and below the baseline and x-height, making this a whimsical and fun script.

Not only is Blue Goblet Drawn a excellent choice, it also is also a versatile member of a wide family
of different fonts. You can use it side by side with the original Blue Goblet fonts, and there are a wide range of ornaments available in the supplemental ornament sets—over 370 illustrations! These illustrations include doodley frames, lovely florals and other text ornaments that can be inserted into your text and resized at will. This makes the Blue Goblet series a great pick when you want a type system for a very unique and consistent look. The Blue Goblet series also continues to expand, making any of these family members a valuable investment for the future.

Blue Goblet Drawn comes in three weights and three widths in each weight, with complementary italics for maximum impact for a total of eighteen pro fonts. The compact thin weights are delicate and tall, while the Regular has just enough heft for those situations where subtlety doesn’t work. If you don’t need the professional features, there are three stripped down fonts that include only the basic character set!

Blue Goblet Drawn also includes auto-replacing ligatures that make it appear that the script was drawn by the artistĂ­s own hand—just for you! Blue Goblet Drawn also includes a wide variety of alternates that can be accessed in any OpenType enabled application. Blue Goblet includes over 190 additional glyphs and is loaded with features including an even more unique alternate alphabet. Included are swash alternates, style sets, old style figures and small caps. Please see the informative PDF brochure to see these features in action. OpenType enabled applications such as the Adobe suite or Quark can take full advantage of the automatic replacing ligatures and alternates. This family also includes the glyphs to support a wide range of languages.

Blue Goblet Drawn is a great choice for friendly display type in children’s books, packaging, organic packaging or other unique applications. Use Blue Goblet whenever you want to inject a handmade
sense of fun and whimsy to your designs. Give the Blue Goblet series a whirl today!

Font Family:
· Blue Goblet Drawn Basic Compressed Thin
· Blue Goblet Drawn Basic Condensed Light
· Blue Goblet Drawn Basic Normal Regular
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Thin
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Thin Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Light
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Light Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Regular
· Blue Goblet Drawn Normal Regular Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Thin
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Thin Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Light
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Light Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Regular
· Blue Goblet Drawn Condensed Regular Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Thin
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Thin Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Light
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Light Italic
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Regular
· Blue Goblet Drawn Compressed Regular Italic

Blue Goblet Drawn Font Preview
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