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Bunaero Pro Font Download

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Bunaero Pro downloadPublisher: Buntype
Bunaero Pro is a sans serif font family. This typeface has thirty-six styles and was published by Buntype.

Buntypes Bunaero™ combines classical and contemporary characteristics to a unique and distinctive font family with extravagant but also harmonious appearance. The characters are clear, open and sometimes bellied. Especially the caps have a very high waistline.

Based on this, four main states with different moods have been composed: The original Bunaero™, the more conservative “Classic”, the elegant and curvy “Up” and the matching ”Italic”. All states offer weights from a considerably thin „Hair“ to a real fat „Heavy“, so the family consists of 34 Styles, all with rather narrow width and very good legibility.

The font was manually hinted and contains extensive handcrafted kerning tables to ensure flawless appearance in all media.

It supports at least 99 languages incl. Vietnamese and provides ligatures, alternative glyphs, special localized forms and even more enjoyable OpenType® features.

This Pro version of Bunaero also includes a lot of features for sophisticated users: Lining figures for headline setting; Intermediate linings and oldstyle figures for text setting; Tabular versions of all figures; Superiors, inferiors, numerators, denominators and automated fractions; Language specialities like a capital Eszett for the german language and extra characters with a polish kreska instead an acute; And many more.

Feature Summary*:
-4 Moods: Normal, Classic, Up and Italic
-9 weights: Hair, Light, Thin, SemiLight, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold and Heavy
-Supports at least 99 Languages incl.
eastern European and Vietnamese languages
-Overall width: Narrow or Space-Saving
-Advanced f- ligature set including fb
-Discretionary s- and c- ligatures
-Alternative Characters: a, e, f, g, i, k, l, t, v, w, y, J, K, Q, R, and more
-6 sets of figures:
-Capital sized figures, oldstyle figures and intermediate figures,
each in proportional and carefully adjusted tabular versions
-Superiors, inferiors, numerators, and denominators
-Circled and negative circled figures
-Capital German Eszett
-Extra characters with Polish Kreska
-Catalan Punt Volat
-Extra characters with alternate minmalistic Cedille
-Automated feature for fractions as well as extended fraction character set
-More than 1000 characters per font

* Some features may only be available in OpenType®-savvy applications

Font Family:
· Bunaero Pro Hair
· Bunaero Pro Hair Up
· Bunaero Pro Italic Hair
· Bunaero Pro Hair Classic
· Bunaero Pro Thin Up
· Bunaero Pro Thin
· Bunaero Pro Thin Italic
· Bunaero Pro Thin Classic
· Bunaero Pro Light
· Bunaero Pro Light Up
· Bunaero Pro Light Italic
· Bunaero Pro Light Classic
· Bunaero Pro Light Semi
· Bunaero Pro Light Italic Semi
· Bunaero Pro Light Semi Up
· Bunaero Pro Light Semi Classic
· Bunaero Pro Regular
· Bunaero Pro Regular Up
· Bunaero Pro Italic
· Bunaero Pro Regular Classic
· Bunaero Pro Semi Bold
· Bunaero Pro Semi Bold Italic
· Bunaero Pro Semi Bold Up
· Bunaero Pro Semi Bold Classic
· Bunaero Pro Bold
· Bunaero Pro Bold Italic
· Bunaero Pro Bold Up
· Bunaero Pro Bold Classic
· Bunaero Pro Extra Bold
· Bunaero Pro Extra Bold Italic
· Bunaero Pro Extra Bold Up
· Bunaero Pro Extra Bold Classic
· Bunaero Pro Heavy
· Bunaero Pro Heavy Up
· Bunaero Pro Heavy Italic
· Bunaero Pro Heavy Classic

Bunaero Pro Font Preview
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