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Cabrito Sans Font Download

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Cabrito Sans downloadPublisher: Insigne Design
Cabrito Sans is a sans serif font family. This typeface has forty-eight styles and was published by Insigne Design.

It’s time to kick off your shoes and feel the “sans” between your toes. Like Cabrito Inverto, its stress-reversing cousin, the new Cabrito Sans serves up something nice and cool in the heat of the project.

A quick recap: the original Cabrito is an insigne Design slab serif produced for the kid’s book The Clothes Letters Wear. It’s been pretty well-received—even more than I expected. I promised to grow the family with a free-standing inverted style that could pair well with Cabrito. (See Cabrito Inverto.) Now, I’m rounding out the family with this well-crafted sans.

And so now, Sans is where it’s at. Strip away the serifs of Cabrito, and you have a laid back, rounded sans serif alternative served up over easy. This handwriting-inspired creation—like its relatives—is definitely not uptight about its forms (though not afraid to show them off a little).

Cabrito Sans’ whole pack of alternates is accessible in any OpenType-enabled program. This kiddo consists of a workforce of alternates, swashes, and alternate titling caps to give the font a little extra sweetener to its flavor. Also bundled are swash alternates, old style figures, and compact caps. Check out the interactive PDF brochure to test out each these options. This font family members also consists of the glyphs for 72 various languages.

Cabrito Inverto and Cabrito do pair nicely with Cabrito Sans (in case you doubted). Use Sans—or all three of these amigos—to express friendliness on just about anything: food, candy, toys, cars (if you’re feeling bold). Don’t wait, though. Purchase Cabrito Sans today, and bring a one-of-a-kind look to whatever your computer’s next design party is.

Font Family:
· Cabrito Sans Norm Thin
· Cabrito Sans Norm Thin Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Light
· Cabrito Sans Norm Light Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Book
· Cabrito Sans Norm Book Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Regular
· Cabrito Sans Norm Regular Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Medium
· Cabrito Sans Norm Medium Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Demi
· Cabrito Sans Norm Demi Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm Bold
· Cabrito Sans Norm Bold Italic
· Cabrito Sans Norm ExBold
· Cabrito Sans Norm ExBold Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Thin
· Cabrito Sans Cond Thin Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Light
· Cabrito Sans Cond Light Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Book
· Cabrito Sans Cond Book Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Regular
· Cabrito Sans Cond Regular Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Medium
· Cabrito Sans Cond Medium Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Demi
· Cabrito Sans Cond Demi Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond Bold
· Cabrito Sans Cond Bold Italic
· Cabrito Sans Cond ExBold
· Cabrito Sans Cond ExBold Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Thin
· Cabrito Sans Ext Thin Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Light
· Cabrito Sans Ext Light Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Book
· Cabrito Sans Ext Book Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Regular
· Cabrito Sans Ext Regular Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Medium
· Cabrito Sans Ext Medium Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Demi
· Cabrito Sans Ext Demi Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext Bold
· Cabrito Sans Ext Bold Italic
· Cabrito Sans Ext ExBold
· Cabrito Sans Ext ExBold Italic

Cabrito Sans Font Preview
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