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Enotria Font Download

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Enotria downloadDesigner: Marco Battaglia
Publisher: Battle Fonts
Enotria was designed by Marco Battaglia and published by Battle Fonts. Enotria contains 112 styles and family package options. The font is currently #49 in Hot New Fonts. 

Enotria is a contemporary neo-grotesk typefaces inspired by the Swiss school but with a Calabrian's soul (south Italy region).

It is composed by 8 weights and 7 widths for 112 styles with also 4 stylistic set for the letters, 2 stylistic set for numbers, 1 more stylistic set for symbols and punctuations, for three languages.

Enotria sports elegant 8° italic angle and a lot of adjustment between the letters for a better legibility as well as true fractions, ordinals, tabular and old style figures, numerators and denominators.

Enotria typefamily is more then a typeface, it is a huge design and typographic system, flexible and suitable for any occasion.

Font Family:
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Thin
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Thin Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Light
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Light Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Regular
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Medium
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Medium Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Semibold
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Semibold Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Bold
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Bold Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Extrabold
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Black
· Enotria Ultra Condensed Black Italic
· Enotria Condensed Thin
· Enotria Condensed Thin Italic
· Enotria Condensed Light
· Enotria Condensed Light Italic
· Enotria Condensed Regular
· Enotria Condensed Italic
· Enotria Condensed Medium
· Enotria Condensed Medium Italic
· Enotria Condensed Semibold
· Enotria Condensed Semibold Italic
· Enotria Condensed Bold
· Enotria Condensed Bold Italic
· Enotria Condensed Extrabold
· Enotria Condensed Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Condensed Black
· Enotria Condensed Black Italic
· Enotria Narrow Thin
· Enotria Narrow Thin Italic
· Enotria Narrow Light
· Enotria Narrow Light Italic
· Enotria Narrow Regular
· Enotria Narrow Italic
· Enotria Narrow Medium
· Enotria Narrow Medium Italic
· Enotria Narrow Semibold
· Enotria Narrow Semibold Italic
· Enotria Narrow Bold
· Enotria Narrow Bold Italic
· Enotria Narrow Extrabold
· Enotria Narrow Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Narrow Black
· Enotria Narrow Black Italic
· Enotria Thin
· Enotria Thin Italic
· Enotria Light
· Enotria Light Italic
· Enotria Regular
· Enotria Italic
· Enotria Medium
· Enotria Medium Italic
· Enotria Semibold
· Enotria Semibold Italic
· Enotria Bold
· Enotria Bold Italic
· Enotria Extrabold
· Enotria Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Black
· Enotria Black Italic
· Enotria Wide Thin
· Enotria Wide Thin Italic
· Enotria Wide Light
· Enotria Wide Light Italic
· Enotria Wide Regular
· Enotria Wide Italic
· Enotria Wide Medium
· Enotria Wide Medium Italic
· Enotria Wide Semibold
· Enotria Wide Semibold Italic
· Enotria Wide Bold
· Enotria Wide Bold Italic
· Enotria Wide Extrabold
· Enotria Wide Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Wide Black
· Enotria Wide Black Italic
· Enotria Expanded Thin
· Enotria Expanded Thin Italic
· Enotria Expanded Light
· Enotria Expanded Light Italic
· Enotria Expanded Regular
· Enotria Expanded Italic
· Enotria Expanded Medium
· Enotria Expanded Medium Italic
· Enotria Expanded Semibold
· Enotria Expanded Semibold Italic
· Enotria Expanded Bold
· Enotria Expanded Bold Italic
· Enotria Expanded Extrabold
· Enotria Expanded Extrabold Italic
· Enotria Expanded Black
· Enotria Expanded Black Italic
· Enotria Ultra Expanded Thin
· Enotria Ultra Expanded Thin Italic
· Enotria Ultra Expanded Light
· Enotria Ultra Expanded Light Italic

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