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Fave downloadDesigner: Stephen Miggas
Publisher: Aerotype
Fave was designed by Stephen Miggas and published by Aerotype. Fave contains 20 styles and family package options. The font is currently #44 in Hot New Fonts. 

The informal hand-brushed Fave Set has 10 contemporary scripts and other handwritten fonts designed to work together, but can also stand on their own. There are actually two subfamilies: Fave and the even-more informal Fave Casual, both have scripts in two weights and supporting handwritten counterparts, for a total of ten typefaces spanning the casual spectrum. All are optimized for large type use too so they look as good up close as they do set at smaller sizes.

Fave has a lots of cool features that happen largely in the background. All of the fonts use the OpenType Standard Ligature feature to automatically differentiate consecutive lowercase letters and numbers (using separate glyphs) and like our previous release Turbinado, they also automatically differentiate like characters that are separated by another letter when Standard Ligatures is enabled.

The script fonts have alternate uppercase and lowercase characters including multiple t (and double t) crossbar alternates that can be selected from the OpenType glyph table manually. You can enable the Contextual Alternates feature to automatically insert a bigger crossbar as the surrounding letters allow throughout a text box or document. You can also make your own custom lowercase t and crossbar to fit any situation–all of the lowercase t ascenders and crossbars are available separately in the OpenType glyph table, and can be combined and moved around manually.

Fave Script and its bold counterpart have two Stylistic Sets. When enabled, one automatically substitutes non-connecting alternate characters at the ends of words, the other substitutes even bigger t crossbars than the Standard Ligature feature does.

Other subtle but hopefully helpful features include smart apostrophes, which insert themselves between two script characters in common situations without breaking their connection, and a few ligatures that also make character connections more seamless.

Font Family:
· Fave Script Pro
· Fave Script Bold Pro
· Fave Condensed One Pro
· Fave Condensed Two Pro
· Fave Hand Pro
· Fave Casual Script Pro
· Fave Casual Script Bold Pro
· Fave Casual Condensed Pro
· Fave Casual Condensed Light Pro
· Fave Casual Hand Pro
· Fave Script
· Fave Script Bold
· Fave Condensed One
· Fave Condensed Two
· Fave Hand
· Fave Casual Script
· Fave Casual Script Bold
· Fave Casual Condensed
· Fave Casual Condensed Light
· Fave Casual Hand

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