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Fenomen Sans Font Download

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Fenomen Sans downloadDesigners: Rostislav Vaněk, Tomáš Nedoma
Publisher: Signature Type Foundry
Fenomen Sans was designed by Rostislav Vaněk, Tomáš Nedoma and published by Signature Type Foundry. Fenomen Sans contains 64 styles and family package options.  

Geometrical drawing of Fenomen Sans typeface goes back to the roots of the Bauhaus aesthetics and the entire architectural and design avant-garde of the 20th century. It is still a symbol of functional rationality, clean aesthetics in relation to shape, and of progressive thinking. Its popularity is timeless and permanent. The set contains eight basic alphabets of a square pattern, eight semicondensed, eight condensed and eight extremely condensed alphabets, all in Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Every font of the family has four types of numerals, small caps and variant letters. The typesetting can fluently use all fonts simultaneously. The typeface originated between the years 2011–2014 and was subjected to a series of tests for the fluent legibility of narrow fonts even in extreme conditions. Narrow fonts provide this set with the maximum use also for newspaper typesetting. The typeface has an elegant, delicate design in thin fonts and sufficient legibility in bold. Mutual contrast produces creative tension.

Font name acronyms described:

SCN = SemiCondensed

CN = Condensed

XCN = ExtraCondensed

Font Family:
· Fenomen Sans Hairline
· Fenomen Sans Hairline Italic
· Fenomen Sans Thin
· Fenomen Sans Thin Italic
· Fenomen Sans Light
· Fenomen Sans Light Italic
· Fenomen Sans Book
· Fenomen Sans Book Italic
· Fenomen Sans
· Fenomen Sans Italic
· Fenomen Sans Semi Bold
· Fenomen Sans Semi Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans Bold
· Fenomen Sans Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans Black
· Fenomen Sans Black Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Hairline
· Fenomen Sans SCN Hairline Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Thin
· Fenomen Sans SCN Thin Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Light
· Fenomen Sans SCN Light Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Book
· Fenomen Sans SCN Book Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Regular
· Fenomen Sans SCN Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Semi Bold
· Fenomen Sans SCN Semi Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Bold
· Fenomen Sans SCN Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans SCN Black
· Fenomen Sans SCN Black Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Hairline
· Fenomen Sans CN Hairline Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Thin
· Fenomen Sans CN Thin Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Light
· Fenomen Sans CN Light Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Book
· Fenomen Sans CN Book Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Regular
· Fenomen Sans CN Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Semi Bold
· Fenomen Sans CN Semi Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Bold
· Fenomen Sans CN Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans CN Black
· Fenomen Sans CN Black Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Hairline
· Fenomen Sans XCN Hairline Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Thin
· Fenomen Sans XCN Thin Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Light
· Fenomen Sans XCN Light Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Book
· Fenomen Sans XCN Book Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Regular
· Fenomen Sans XCN Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Semi Bold
· Fenomen Sans XCN Semi Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Bold
· Fenomen Sans XCN Bold Italic
· Fenomen Sans XCN Black
· Fenomen Sans XCN Black Italic

Tags: 1920s, alternates, avant-garde, bauhaus, caps, classic, clean, condensed, cyrillic, extra condensed, family, fractions, futura, geometric, grotesk, grotesque, large x-height, legible, lineal, magazine, modern, multilingual, oldstyle, poster, pure, retro, sans, sans-serif, sans serif, semicondensed, small caps, superfamily, text, timeless, wide, workhorse

Fenomen Sans Font Preview

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