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Fiorina Font Download

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Fiorina downloadDesigner: Andriy Konstantynov
Publisher: Mint Type
Fiorina was designed by Andriy Konstantynov and published by Mint Type. Fiorina contains 72 styles and family package options. The font is currently #21 in Hot New Fonts. 

Fiorina is a modern Didone-style serif typeface of 72 fonts. It comes in 4 optical sizes, ranging from Text with moderate contrast to super-contrasted Grande.

Each cut comes in 9 weights with corresponding sophisticated italics. The overall variety of styles makes Fiorina the ultimate magazine typeface.

The glyph set supports all European Latin-based languages, as well as all major languages that use Cyrillic script. The type family also suppors numerous OpenType features, including 6 sets of digits, small caps, fractions, superscript and subscripts, ordinals, and more.

Font Family:
· Fiorina Text Thin
· Fiorina Text Thin Italic
· Fiorina Text Extra Light
· Fiorina Text Extra Light Italic
· Fiorina Text Light
· Fiorina Text Light Italic
· Fiorina Text Regular
· Fiorina Text Italic
· Fiorina Text Medium
· Fiorina Text Medium Italic
· Fiorina Text Semi Bold
· Fiorina Text Semi Bold Italic
· Fiorina Text Bold
· Fiorina Text Bold Italic
· Fiorina Text Extra Bold
· Fiorina Text Extra Bold Italic
· Fiorina Text Black
· Fiorina Text Black Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Thin
· Fiorina Subhead Thin Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Extra Light
· Fiorina Subhead Extra Light Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Light
· Fiorina Subhead Light Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Regular
· Fiorina Subhead Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Medium
· Fiorina Subhead Medium Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Semi Bold
· Fiorina Subhead Semi Bold Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Bold
· Fiorina Subhead Bold Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Extra Bold
· Fiorina Subhead Extra Bold Italic
· Fiorina Subhead Black
· Fiorina Subhead Black Italic
· Fiorina Title Thin
· Fiorina Title Thin Italic
· Fiorina Title Extra Light
· Fiorina Title Extra Light Italic
· Fiorina Title Light
· Fiorina Title Light Italic
· Fiorina Title Regular
· Fiorina Title Italic
· Fiorina Title Medium
· Fiorina Title Medium Italic
· Fiorina Title Semi Bold
· Fiorina Title Semi Bold Italic
· Fiorina Title Bold
· Fiorina Title Bold Italic
· Fiorina Title Extra Bold
· Fiorina Title Extra Bold Italic
· Fiorina Title Black
· Fiorina Title Black Italic
· Fiorina Grande Thin
· Fiorina Grande Thin Italic
· Fiorina Grande Extra Light
· Fiorina Grande Extra Light Italic
· Fiorina Grande Light
· Fiorina Grande Light Italic
· Fiorina Grande Regular
· Fiorina Grande Italic
· Fiorina Grande Medium
· Fiorina Grande Medium Italic
· Fiorina Grande Semi Bold
· Fiorina Grande Semi Bold Italic
· Fiorina Grande Bold
· Fiorina Grande Bold Italic
· Fiorina Grande Extra Bold
· Fiorina Grande Extra Bold Italic
· Fiorina Grande Black
· Fiorina Grande Black Italic

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