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Futura Now Font Download

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Futura Now downloadDesigners: Paul Renner, Edwin Shaar, Steve Matteson, Terrance Weinzierl, Monotype Studio, Juan Villanueva
Publisher: Monotype
Futura Now was designed by Paul Renner, Edwin Shaar, Steve Matteson, Terrance Weinzierl, Monotype Studio, Juan Villanueva and published by Monotype. Futura Now contains 107 styles and family package options. The font is currently #25 in Best Sellers.&nb

For nearly 90 years, Paul Renner's Futura has been as popular as it is versatile-from children's books to fashion magazines to the plaque on the Moon.

Futura is a typographic icon. Futura Now offers designers a chance to see Futura with fresh eyes. It's more truly Futura-like than any digital version you've ever worked with. "It brings some much-needed humanity back to the world of geometric sans serifs," says Steve Matteson, Monotype's Creative Type Director who led the design team.

"Despite its reputation as the ultimate modern typeface, Futura Now is surprisingly warm," he explains. "It's just as at home set next to a leafy tree as it is next to a stainless-steel table, because it skillfully navigates the border between super-clean geometry and humanist warmth.

Futura Now-the definitive Futura-contains 102 styles, including: new Headline and Text weights; new Script and Display weights and styles; and new decorative variants (outlines, inlines, shadows, and fill). Its contemporary alignment of names and weights makes the family easier to understand and use, and its comfortable Text and judicious Headline subfamilies provide instantly refined spacing. With a large Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic character-set, Futura Now serves a wider international creative community. Futura Now is available both as individual OpenType fonts and as a set of Variable fonts, delivering limitless styles in a tidy digital footprint.

Font Family:
· Futura Now Text Thin
· Futura Now Text Thin Italic
· Futura Now Text ExtraLight
· Futura Now Text ExtraLight Italic
· Futura Now Text Light
· Futura Now Text Light Italic
· Futura Now Text Regular
· Futura Now Text Italic
· Futura Now Text Medium
· Futura Now Text Medium Italic
· Futura Now Text Bold
· Futura Now Text Bold Italic
· Futura Now Text ExtraBold Italic
· Futura Now Text ExtraBold
· Futura Now Text Black
· Futura Now Text Black Italic
· Futura Now Text ExtraBlack
· Futura Now Text ExtraBlack Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Thin
· Futura Now Text Condensed Thin Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraLight
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Light
· Futura Now Text Condensed Light Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Regular
· Futura Now Text Condensed Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Medium
· Futura Now Text Condensed Medium Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Bold
· Futura Now Text Condensed Bold Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraBold
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraBold Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed Black
· Futura Now Text Condensed Black Italic
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraBlack
· Futura Now Text Condensed ExtraBlack Italic
· Futura Now Headline Thin
· Futura Now Headline Thin Italic
· Futura Now Headline ExtraLight
· Futura Now Headline ExtraLight Italic
· Futura Now Headline Light
· Futura Now Headline Light Italic
· Futura Now Headline Regular
· Futura Now Headline Italic
· Futura Now Headline Medium
· Futura Now Headline Medium Italic
· Futura Now Headline Bold
· Futura Now Headline Bold Italic
· Futura Now Headline ExtraBold
· Futura Now Headline ExtraBold Italic
· Futura Now Headline Black
· Futura Now Headline Black Italic
· Futura Now Headline ExtraBlack
· Futura Now Headline ExtraBlack Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Thin
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Thin Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraLight
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Light
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Light Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Regular
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Medium
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Medium Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Bold
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Bold Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraBold
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraBold Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Black
· Futura Now Headline Condensed Black Italic
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraBlack
· Futura Now Headline Condensed ExtraBlack Italic
· Futura Now Display Thin
· Futura Now Display Thin Italic
· Futura Now Display Light
· Futura Now Display Light Italic
· Futura Now Display Regular
· Futura Now Display Italic
· Futura Now Display Bold
· Futura Now Display Bold Italic
· Futura Now Display ExtraBold
· Futura Now Display ExtraBold Italic
· Futura Now Display Black
· Futura Now Display Black Italic
· Futura Now Script ExtraLight
· Futura Now Script Light
· Futura Now Script Regular
· Futura Now Script Bold
· Futura Now Script ExtraBold
· Futura Now Outline Thin
· Futura Now Outline ExtraLight
· Futura Now Outline Light
· Futura Now Outline Regular
· Futura Now Outline Bold
· Futura Now Outline Fill
· Futura Now Inline Regular
· Futura Now Inline Bold
· Futura Now Inline Fill
· Futura Now Shadow Regular
· Futura Now Shadow Bold

Tags: 1920s, bauhaus, brand, condensed, corporate, cyrillic, decorative, emblem, greek, healine, mid-century, modernism, paul renner, rock and roll, square, stencil, triangle, variable fonts

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