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Geller Sans Font Download

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Geller Sans downloadDesigner: Ludka Biniek
Publisher: Ludka Biniek
Geller Sans was designed by Ludka Biniek and published by Ludka Biniek. Geller Sans contains 102 styles and family package options. The font is currently #47 in Hot New Fonts. 

Geller Sans typeface have been developed based on his serif predecessor's proportions. He's quite handsome, quite organised. Looking at thin–extraheavy styles he has enough of charm to stand out in advertisement. In text styles you can relay on him. He's able to meet demand of complex design tasks.

Geller Sans has been fitted with wide range of OpenType features. As Geller Serif, he has bullets & dingbats, for easier entry-point making. Entire font family comes in 4 width (Regular, Narrow, Condensed, Compressed). Each width finds its best application in different typographic fractions what makes Geller Sans easy to apply in editorial graphic design. Who'd like to challenge him?

Font Family:
· Geller Sans Rg Thin
· Geller Sans Rg Thin Italic
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraLight
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Rg UltraLight
· Geller Sans Rg UltraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Light
· Geller Sans Rg Light Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Regular
· Geller Sans Rg Regular Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Medium
· Geller Sans Rg Medium Italic
· Geller Sans Rg SemiBold
· Geller Sans Rg SemiBold Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Bold
· Geller Sans Rg Bold Italic
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraBold
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraBold Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Black
· Geller Sans Rg Black Italic
· Geller Sans Rg UltraBlack
· Geller Sans Rg UltraBlack Italic
· Geller Sans Rg Heavy
· Geller Sans Rg Heavy Italic
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraHeavy
· Geller Sans Rg ExtraHeavy Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Thin
· Geller Sans Nr Thin Italic
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraLight
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Nr UltraLight
· Geller Sans Nr UltraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Light
· Geller Sans Nr Light Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Medium
· Geller Sans Nr Medium Italic
· Geller Sans Nr SemiBold
· Geller Sans Nr SemiBold Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Bold
· Geller Sans Nr Bold Italic
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraBold
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraBold Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Black
· Geller Sans Nr Black Italic
· Geller Sans Nr UltraBlack
· Geller Sans Nr UltraBlack Italic
· Geller Sans Nr Heavy
· Geller Sans Nr Heavy Italic
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraHeavy
· Geller Sans Nr ExtraHeavy Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Thin
· Geller Sans Cn Thin Italic
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraLight
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Cn UltraLight
· Geller Sans Cn UltraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Light
· Geller Sans Cn Light Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Regular
· Geller Sans Cn Regular Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Medium
· Geller Sans Cn Medium Italic
· Geller Sans Cn SemiBold
· Geller Sans Cn SemiBold Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Bold
· Geller Sans Cn Bold Italic
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraBold
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraBold Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Black
· Geller Sans Cn Black Italic
· Geller Sans Cn UltraBlack
· Geller Sans Cn UltraBlack Italic
· Geller Sans Cn Heavy
· Geller Sans Cn Heavy Italic
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraHeavy
· Geller Sans Cn ExtraHeavy Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Thin
· Geller Sans Cm Thin Italic
· Geller Sans Cm ExtraLight
· Geller Sans Cm ExtraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Cm UltraLight
· Geller Sans Cm UltraLight Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Light
· Geller Sans Cm Light Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Regular
· Geller Sans Cm Regular Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Medium
· Geller Sans Cm Medium Italic
· Geller Sans Cm SemiBold
· Geller Sans Cm SemiBold Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Bold
· Geller Sans Cm Bold Italic
· Geller Sans Cm ExtraBold
· Geller Sans Cm ExtraBold Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Black
· Geller Sans Cm Black Italic
· Geller Sans Cm UltraBlack
· Geller Sans Cm UltraBlack Italic
· Geller Sans Cm Heavy
· Geller Sans Cm Heavy Italic

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