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Geogrotesque Stencil Font Download

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Geogrotesque Stencil downloadDesigner: Eduardo Manso
Publisher: Emtype Foundry
Designed by Eduardo Manso, Geogrotesque Stencil is a sans serif and stencil font family. This typeface has forty-two styles and was published by Emtype Foundry.

Geogrotesque Stencil is a member of the popular Geogrotesque family, and despite being thought as a display typeface, it goes one step further and tries to solve some of the typical problems with stencils fonts. Geogrotesque Stencil comes with 3 widths of cut (A, B and C). These cuts not only allow a better performance when printing at different sizes, you can also move across versions in accordance to the rigidity of the material used. The type family consists of 42 styles, 7 weights plus italics with 3 versions each.

Font Family:
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Thin
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Light
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Regular
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Regular
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Regular
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Medium
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Bold
· Geogrotesque Stencil A Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil B Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Stencil C Bold Italic

Geogrotesque Stencil Font Preview
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