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Guitar Chords Font Download

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Guitar Chords downloadPublisher: Aah Yes
Guitar Chords was published by Aah Yes. Guitar Chords contains 2 styles and family package options.  

Here's two easy-to-use fonts that allow you to quickly put in any chord shape you want, even ones you invent yourself. You can do this for anything from 2 to 8-stringed instruments, not just 6-string guitar chord boxes.

You just type a letter for the kind of chord-box you want - based on which instrument you're displaying, and then the numbers of the finger positions, it's as easy as that.

For Guitar chords, type in G for the empty Guitar chord box, then type the numbers for the finger positions from 6th string to first string. Try typing or copy/pasting these:

E major type G022100

B7 use Fx21202

Fminor use g133111

Or try Gx02220



And also try



Any chord works on the same principle, anything you can devise, (even reversed if you wish, or original shapes for non-standard tuning), and there's loads of examples to get you started in the EXAMPLES files you can download from these webpages - so you can copy/paste the main chords, including several inversions of the commonest chords. And if you want a 4 or 5 string chord box you type M or B.

You'll find that Big G gives you a Big Chord Box (6 frets showing) and Little g gives you a Little Chord Box (4 frets showing) which might be useful in making things look tidier. And it's the same with the other 2 to 8 stringed boxes, Big letter = big box; little letter = little box. If you want a five-fret Guitar Chord Box, they're on F and f, both the same.

And there's an Open version of the font for chords higher up the fretboard with a little number at the side to show which fret it starts on, using the same principle for the finger positions.

You can even do the dots and fingerboard in different colours, as you can see in the graphics.

Full details are in the INSTRUCTIONS file on these webpages which you should be able to download, along with the EXAMPLES, it's all really easy - read that first to see how easy it is.

Font Family:
· Guitar Chords Closed
· Guitar Chords Open

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Guitar Chords Font Preview

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