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Halvar Font Download

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Halvar downloadDesigners: Jakob Runge, Nils Thomsen, Lisa Fischbach
Publisher: TypeMates
Designed by Jakob Runge, Nils Thomsen and Lisa Fischbach, Halvar is a sans serif font family. This typeface has eighty-one styles and was published by TypeMates.

Halvar, a German engineered type system that extends to extremes.
With bulky proportions and constructed forms, Halvar is a pragmatic grotesk with the raw charm of an engineer. A type system ready to explore, Halvar has 81 styles, wide to condensed, hairline to black, roman to oblique and then to superslanted, structured into three subfamilies: the wide Breitschrift, regular Breitschrift and condensed Breitschrift. Designed to be as adaptable in application as it is steady in appearance, this spectrum makes Halvar as ideal for complex corporate identity solutions as it is for particular ones. For industrial duties, a stencil display version is also available.

Halvar is not only built to be flexible, but technical. Apart from the SuperSlanted, all its font styles are multiplexed—a word in one Halvar’s roman or italic widths will occupy the same space regardless of weight—allowing for fine work in annual reports, interface design, or anywhere space is at a premium and the demands of reflow, rollover and animation need to be considered.

With a character set that includes extended Latin, Greek and Cyrillic and supports more than 190 languages, Halvar’s styles have German names and multilingual ambitions. Perfect for cross-market branding. To ensure TypeMates’ usual high standards throughout all glyphs, the Cyrillic and Greek letterforms were developed in consultation with native readers.

Needless to say, a font system this comprehensive is shipped with tabular figures, circled highlights, superscripts, as well as fractions. Alternate characters let Halvar toggle between two additional stylistic sets: one plain and functional, another distinct and digital.

With manual TrueType hinting and special attention to text styles, a stable x-height, contemporary proportions and a robust design, Halvar is optimised for screen performance and ready to meet any challenge in user interface typography.

Font Family:
· Halvar Breitschrift Hairline
· Halvar Breitschrift Hairline Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Hairline SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraThin
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraThin Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraThin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Thin
· Halvar Breitschrift Thin Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Thin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Light
· Halvar Breitschrift Light Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Light SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Regular
· Halvar Breitschrift Regular Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Regular SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Medium
· Halvar Breitschrift Medium Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Medium SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Bold
· Halvar Breitschrift Bold Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Bold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraBold
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraBold Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift ExtraBold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Black
· Halvar Breitschrift Black Slanted
· Halvar Breitschrift Black SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Hairline
· Halvar Mittelschrift Hairline Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Hairline SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraThin
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraThin Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraThin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Thin
· Halvar Mittelschrift Thin Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Thin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Light
· Halvar Mittelschrift Light Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Light SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Regular
· Halvar Mittelschrift Regular Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Regular SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Medium
· Halvar Mittelschrift Medium Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Medium SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Bold
· Halvar Mittelschrift Bold Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Bold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraBold
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraBold Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift ExtraBold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Black
· Halvar Mittelschrift Black Slanted
· Halvar Mittelschrift Black SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Hairline
· Halvar Engschrift Hairline Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Hairline SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraThin
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraThin Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraThin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Thin
· Halvar Engschrift Thin Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Thin SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Light
· Halvar Engschrift Light Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Light SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Regular
· Halvar Engschrift Regular Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Regular SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Medium
· Halvar Engschrift Medium Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Medium SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Bold
· Halvar Engschrift Bold Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Bold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraBold
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraBold Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift ExtraBold SuperSlanted
· Halvar Engschrift Black
· Halvar Engschrift Black Slanted
· Halvar Engschrift Black SuperSlanted

Halvar Font Preview
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