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HD Colton Font Download

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HD Colton downloadDesigner: Daniel Jones
Publisher: HyperDeluxe
HD Colton was designed by Daniel Jones and published by HyperDeluxe. HD Colton contains 91 styles and family package options. The font is currently #23 in Hot New Fonts. 

HD Colton is a 90-style super-sans from London Design Studio HyperDeluxe®. Using a combination of horizontal & vertical terminals along with squarish ovals, it is built with a confident structure that feels so much more than a neutral sans, it feels iconic.

Engineered in 5 widths, compressed to extra wide, and in nine weights, HD Colton features a huge 90 styles that will offer your brand ultimate flexibility and variation in one font family.

The black weights will help bring prominence to your brand while the light to mid weights will help you tell your story at a smaller size.

HD Colton includes 1200+ glyphs per style, providing you with a workhorse sans that supports 200+ languages including extended Latin, extended Cyrillic and basic Greek. Also included are 5 stylistic sets, 2 arrow sets & numerous OpenType features (see last poster for complete list).

The HD Colton complete family package comes with a single, 3-axis variable font so you'll have an infinite amount of combinations and uses for you to experiment with and add that touch of finesse to your visuals.

Variable fonts are tech friendly providing smaller sizes for developers to work with, while also being responsive and used for motion design on the web.

HD Colton key features:

3-Axis Variable Font.90 Styles.1200+ Glyphs Per Style.5 Widths (Compressed, Condensed, Regular, Wide, Extra Wide).200+ Languages Supported.Extended Latin, Extended Cyrillic, Greek Support.Stylistic Alternates for some key glyphs (J, Q, G, l, &, Arrows).Extensive OpenType features.

Font Family:
· HD Colton Comp Thin
· HD Colton Comp Thin Italic
· HD Colton Comp Extralight
· HD Colton Comp Extralight Italic
· HD Colton Comp Light
· HD Colton Comp Light Italic
· HD Colton Comp Regular
· HD Colton Comp Regular Italic
· HD Colton Comp Medium
· HD Colton Comp Medium Italic
· HD Colton Comp Semibold
· HD Colton Comp Semibold Italic
· HD Colton Comp Bold
· HD Colton Comp Bold Italic
· HD Colton Comp Extrabold
· HD Colton Comp Extrabold Italic
· HD Colton Comp Black
· HD Colton Comp Black Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Thin
· HD Colton Condensed Thin Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Extralight
· HD Colton Condensed Extralight Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Light
· HD Colton Condensed Light Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Regular
· HD Colton Condensed Regular Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Medium
· HD Colton Condensed Medium Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Semibold
· HD Colton Condensed Semibold Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Bold
· HD Colton Condensed Bold Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Extrabold
· HD Colton Condensed Extrabold Italic
· HD Colton Condensed Black
· HD Colton Condensed Black Italic
· HD Colton Thin
· HD Colton Thin Italic
· HD Colton Extralight
· HD Colton Extralight Italic
· HD Colton Light
· HD Colton Light Italic
· HD Colton Regular
· HD Colton Regular Italic
· HD Colton Medium
· HD Colton Medium Italic
· HD Colton Semibold
· HD Colton Semibold Italic
· HD Colton Bold
· HD Colton Bold Italic
· HD Colton Extrabold
· HD Colton Extrabold Italic
· HD Colton Black
· HD Colton Black Italic
· HD Colton Wide Thin
· HD Colton Wide Thin Italic
· HD Colton Wide Extralight
· HD Colton Wide Extralight Italic
· HD Colton Wide Light
· HD Colton Wide Light Italic
· HD Colton Wide Regular
· HD Colton Wide Regular Italic
· HD Colton Wide Medium
· HD Colton Wide Medium Italic
· HD Colton Wide Semibold
· HD Colton Wide Semibold Italic
· HD Colton Wide Bold
· HD Colton Wide Bold Italic
· HD Colton Wide Extrabold
· HD Colton Wide Extrabold Italic
· HD Colton Wide Black
· HD Colton Wide Black Italic
· HD Colton XWide Thin
· HD Colton XWide Thin Italic
· HD Colton XWide Extralight
· HD Colton XWide Extralight Italic
· HD Colton XWide Light
· HD Colton XWide Light Italic
· HD Colton XWide Regular
· HD Colton XWide Regular Italic
· HD Colton XWide Medium
· HD Colton XWide Medium Italic
· HD Colton XWide Semibold
· HD Colton XWide Semibold Italic
· HD Colton XWide Bold
· HD Colton XWide Bold Italic
· HD Colton XWide Extrabold
· HD Colton XWide Extrabold Italic
· HD Colton XWide Black
· HD Colton XWide Black Italic
· HD Colton Variable

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