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Headlines Font Download

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Headlines downloadDesigner: Anita Jürgeleit
Publisher: Anita Jürgeleit
Headlines was designed by Anita Jürgeleit and published by Anita Jürgeleit. Headlines contains 12 styles and family package options. The font is currently #9 in Hot New Fonts. 

Headlines font family was designed for optimized headline settings.

The condensed letters are designed for clear and straight headlines and also allow longer words and headlines to find the space they need for a well-composed headline. The exciting plus of this font are its discretionary ligatures. The Headlines font family contains a number of special ligatures for certain combinations to fill common visual gaps such as tty, rv and many more.

Type perfect headlines - now and forever!

Headlines contains:

632 Glyphs | 10 Styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold + matching ItalicsVariable Fonts for countless weight variation*Full Latin Language support including Vietnamese

Open Type Features:

Numerators/DenominatorsSub- and SuperscriptFractionsOrdinalsDiscretionary LigaturesSlashed Zero

*Variable fonts work well in software that supports variable font technology.

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Font Family:
· Headlines Thin
· Headlines Thin Italic
· Headlines Light
· Headlines Light Italic
· Headlines Regular
· Headlines Regular Italic
· Headlines Medium
· Headlines Medium Italic
· Headlines Bold
· Headlines Bold Italic
· Headlines Variable Roman
· Headlines Variable Italic

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