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Hypersans Font Download

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Hypersans downloadPublisher: Aah Yes
Hypersans was published by Aah Yes. Hypersans contains 24 styles and family package options.  

Hypersans is an easy-to-read sans typeface with 12 weights - giving a wide choice of weight, for text at the lighter end and for headlines and posters at the heavier end. The change in weight at the lighter end is quite subtle, with tiny increments, which can help you get just the right look for your project.

Legibility has been the main design feature, with a fairly generous x-height, but there has also been a primary concern with making it an attractive face for the reader. There are plenty of images in the gallery to give some idea of the font's features.

There's all the accented characters you'd expect for Western and Central European Languages, plus other languages, and a host of Open-Type features. These Open-Type features are described in more detail in the Instructions PDF in the Gallery, which can be viewed and downloaded. These include the normal Standard Ligatures plus fu and ffu and c/o; fractions to sixteenths in Fractions and Discretionary Ligatures, (i.e. halves, thirds, quarters, eighths, sixteenths); Superscript and Subscript numbers; Bullet Numbers in Ornamental Forms; long s in Historical Forms; Ordinals; a Slashed Zero in Zero; and in Stylistic Alternates there's alternative characters for: percent / numbers to bullet numbers / Pounds Sterling sign / greater / less / logical not / underscore / hyphen / asciitilde / sun / and a different U-dieresis ‹ with the dots right above the 2 uprights. Not all programs will recognise all these different Open-Type features though, and some will be enabled by default and with others you may have to enable them yourself in the program.

Font Family:
· Hypersans Regular
· Hypersans Regular Italic
· Hypersans Medium
· Hypersans Medium Italic
· Hypersans Demibold
· Hypersans Demibold Italic
· Hypersans Semibold
· Hypersans Semibold Italic
· Hypersans Bold
· Hypersans Bold Italic
· Hypersans Extra Bold
· Hypersans Extra Bold Italic
· Hypersans Heavy
· Hypersans Heavy Italic
· Hypersans Black
· Hypersans Black Italic
· Hypersans Ultra
· Hypersans Ultra Italic
· Hypersans Fat
· Hypersans Fat Italic
· Hypersans Chunky
· Hypersans Chunky Italic
· Hypersans Extra Chunky
· Hypersans Extra Chunky Italic

Tags: clear, high x-height, legible, magazine, sans serif

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