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Indecise Font Download

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Indecise downloadDesigner: Josep Bellart
Publisher: Tipo Pèpel
Indecise was designed by Josep Bellart and published by Tipo Pèpel. Indecise contains 50 styles and family package options.  

Even though the name seems not to tell much, Indecise shows a clean and coherent design. The shapes of the characters reference the Latin typefaces that were promoted by great figures like Enric Crous-Vidal and José Mendoza y Almeida in the 50s.

Indecise uses the body of incise typefaces and gets rid of the subtle terminals for the strokes. It is a high-contrast sans divided into 5 elegant subfamilies, which use different widths. From the condensed version to the extended one, the family includes 50 fonts counting upright and italic. This collection of widths make for many possible combinations of styles.

Indecise is a humanist typeface, it puts geometry apart and embraces the calligraphic gesture. This helps to suggest the movement of the strokes while avoiding to create text with a static appearance. Thin and thick strokes come together and define a smooth rhythm for reading.

Font Family:
· Indecise Condensed Light
· Indecise Condensed Light Italic
· Indecise Condensed Regular
· Indecise Condensed Regular Italic
· Indecise Condensed Medium
· Indecise Condensed Medium Italic
· Indecise Condensed Semi Bold
· Indecise Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Indecise Condensed Bold
· Indecise Condensed Bold Italic
· Indecise SemiCondensed Light
· Indecise SemiCondensed Light Italic
· Indecise SemiCondensed Regular
· Indecise SemiCondensed Regular Italic
· Indecise SemiCondensed Medium
· Indecise SemiCondensed Medium Italic
· Indecise SemiCondensed Semi Bold
· Indecise SemiCondensed Semi Bold Italic
· Indecise SemiCondensed Bold
· Indecise SemiCondensed Bold Italic
· Indecise Light
· Indecise Light Italic
· Indecise Regular
· Indecise Regular Italic
· Indecise Medium
· Indecise Medium Italic
· Indecise Semi Bold
· Indecise Semi Bold Italic
· Indecise Bold
· Indecise Bold Italic
· Indecise Semi Expanded Light
· Indecise Semi Expanded Light Italic
· Indecise Semi Expanded Regular
· Indecise Semi Expanded Regular Italic
· Indecise Semi Expanded Medium
· Indecise Semi Expanded Medium Italic
· Indecise Semi Expanded Semi Bold
· Indecise Semi Expanded Semi Bold Italic
· Indecise Semi Expanded Bold
· Indecise Semi Expanded Bold Italic
· Indecise Expanded Light
· Indecise Expanded Light Italic
· Indecise Expanded Regular
· Indecise Expanded Regular Italic
· Indecise Expanded Medium
· Indecise Expanded Medium Italic
· Indecise Expanded Semi Bold
· Indecise Expanded Semi Bold Italic
· Indecise Expanded Bold
· Indecise Expanded Bold Italic

Tags: 1950s, 1960s, beauty, branding, calligraphic, classic, clean, elegant, humanist, incised, inscribed, legible, magazine, poster, sans serif, stressed sans, woman

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