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Jabana Extras Font Download

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Jabana Extras downloadDesigner: Nils Thomsen
Publisher: TypeMates
Designed by Nils Thomsen, Jabana is a dingbat and hand display font collection published by TypeMates.

Jabana is inspired by having a “Schorle” at Hamburgs coffee bars.

40 super compressed and extended letter shapes in 5 widths, smooth handwritten marker curves and especially a wide range of opentype features define the large character set of Jabana and Jabana Alt.

In addition, there is the nice Jabana Extras for fancy designs.

Each letter and punctuation have three simple varieties of alternates. This gives a nice looking handwritten nature to the font. They will be randomly chosen by the contextual alternates feature or even by hand via stylistic set (ss01, ss02).

The complete range of characters for serious western European typography is included in Jabana. Besides the standard accented letters, fractions, mathematical glyphs, superiors and inferiors, you will find alternates, extra bullets, different arrows, negative figures and roman numerals.

Another reason for the amount of 1500 glyphs are the numerator and denominator letters which include A-Z, punctuation and the extra bullets (ss09-16). They are meant to be used for decoration or distinction. Especially an opentype stylistic set gives an extra touch to it while putting a dot/line above denominators or underneath numerators (ss03+numr/dnom).

If Jabana is too unique for your purposes have a look at Jabana Alt. This alternate got some more standard uppercase shapes and a larger x-height with short descenders for the lowercase.

Extras! … If you need some awesome specials, Jabana Extras can help you to realize a fast and good looking design. Besides Arrows, Banners, Lines, Ornaments and Web or Coffee Icons you will find much more … You’ll love it!

Naming: Jabana/Jebena is a container used to brew coffee in the Ethiopian, Eritrean and Eastern Sudanese traditional coffee ceremony. It is usually made of pottery and has a spherical base, a neck and pouring spout and a handle where the neck connects with the base.

Font Family:
· Jabana Thin
· Jabana Light
· Jabana Regular
· Jabana Bold
· Jabana Extra Extended Thin
· Jabana Extra Extended Light
· Jabana Extra Extended Regular
· Jabana Extra Extended Bold
· Jabana Extended Thin
· Jabana Extended Light
· Jabana Extended Regular
· Jabana Extended Bold
· Jabana Extra Wide Thin
· Jabana Extra Wide Light
· Jabana Extra Wide Regular
· Jabana Extra Wide Bold
· Jabana Wide Thin
· Jabana Wide Light
· Jabana Wide Regular
· Jabana Wide Bold
· Jabana Alt Thin
· Jabana Alt Light
· Jabana Alt Regular
· Jabana Alt Bold
· Jabana Alt Extra Extended Thin
· Jabana Alt Extra Extended Light
· Jabana Alt Extra Extended Regular
· Jabana Alt Extra Extended Bold
· Jabana Alt Extended Thin
· Jabana Alt Extended Light
· Jabana Alt Extended Regular
· Jabana Alt Extended Bold
· Jabana Alt Extra Wide Thin
· Jabana Alt Extra Wide Light
· Jabana Alt Extra Wide Regular
· Jabana Alt Extra Wide Bold
· Jabana Alt Wide Thin
· Jabana Alt Wide Light
· Jabana Alt Wide Regular
· Jabana Alt Wide Bold
· Jabana Extras Banner A
· Jabana Extras Banner B
· Jabana Extras Arrows
· Jabana Extras Ornaments
· Jabana Extras Catchwords
· Jabana Extras Catchwords Black
· Jabana Extras Lines
· Jabana Extras Divider
· Jabana Extras App Icons
· Jabana Extras App Icons Black
· Jabana Extras Cafe Bar Icons
· Jabana s Extras Cafe Bar Icon Black

Jabana Extras Font Preview
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