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Kuunari Rounded Font Download

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Kuunari Rounded downloadPublisher: Mika Melvas
Kuunari Rounded was published by Mika Melvas. Kuunari Rounded contains 42 styles and family package options.  

Kuunari Rounded is (You guessed it!) the rounded version of Kuunari. Kuunari Rounded is a structured square sans type family of 42 fonts. It has three widths and 7 weights in both upright and italic versions. The base form is a round-cornered rectangle and this form constructs the glyphs throughout the fonts.

Kuunari Rounded is a straightforward sans serif. It doesn't make any fuss about itself, it just does the job proudly and with confidence. It is very versatile; it can be used for titles and logos to make a statement or more delicately for body text and lead paragraphs. All in all, you can achieve diverse and rich typography with the Kuunari type family.

Font Family:
· Kuunari Rounded Thin
· Kuunari Rounded Thin Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Light
· Kuunari Rounded Light Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Regular
· Kuunari Rounded Regular Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Medium
· Kuunari Rounded Medium Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Bold
· Kuunari Rounded Bold Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Black
· Kuunari Rounded Black Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Thin Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Thin Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Light Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Light Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Regular Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Regular Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Medium Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Medium Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Bold Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Bold Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Black Condensed
· Kuunari Rounded Black Condensed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Thin Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Thin Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Extra Light Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Light Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Light Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Regular Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Regular Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Medium Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Medium Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Bold Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Bold Compressed Italic
· Kuunari Rounded Black Compressed
· Kuunari Rounded Black Compressed Italic

Tags: clean, compressed, condensed, constructed, contemporary, corporate, editorial, extended, geometric, grotesk, headline, heavy, italic, logo, logotype, magazine, minimal, modern, neutral, packaging, poster, round, rounded, sans, sans-serif, sans serif, soft, square

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