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Lemon Serif Font Download

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Lemon Serif downloadDesigner: Jürgen Huber
Publisher: Type Department
Designed by Jürgen Huber, Lemon is a multiple classification font collection published by Type Department.

TD Lemon is an extensive set of fonts, offering 66 weights and a combination of Sans and Serif styling. Most weights are available in a regular and a unicase character set plus their condensed versions.

Font Family:
· Lemon Sans Thin
· Lemon Sans Thin Italic
· Lemon Sans Light
· Lemon Sans Light Italic
· Lemon Sans SemiLight
· Lemon Sans SemiLight Italic
· Lemon Sans Regular
· Lemon Sans Italic
· Lemon Sans Medium
· Lemon Sans Medium Italic
· Lemon Sans Bold
· Lemon Sans Bold Italic
· Lemon Sans Unicase Thin
· Lemon Sans Unicase Light
· Lemon Sans Unicase SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Unicase Regular
· Lemon Sans Unicase Medium
· Lemon Sans Unicase Bold Casual
· Lemon Sans Condensed Thin
· Lemon Sans Condensed Light
· Lemon Sans Condensed SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Condensed Regular
· Lemon Sans Condensed Medium
· Lemon Sans Condensed Bold
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase Thin
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase Light
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase Regular
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase Medium
· Lemon Sans Condensed Unicase Bold
· Lemon Sans Rounded Thin
· Lemon Sans Rounded Thin Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded Light
· Lemon Sans Rounded Light Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Rounded SemiLight Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded Regular
· Lemon Sans Rounded Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded Medium
· Lemon Sans Rounded Medium Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded Bold
· Lemon Sans Rounded Bold Italic
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase Thin
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase Light
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase Regular
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase Medium
· Lemon Sans Rounded Unicase Bold
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Thin
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Light
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Regular
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Medium
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Bold
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase Thin
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase Light
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase SemiLight
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase Regular
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase Medium
· Lemon Sans Rounded Condensed Unicase Bold
· Lemon Serif Regular
· Lemon Serif Italic
· Lemon Serif Bold
· Lemon Serif Bold Italic
· Lemon Serif Unicase Regular
· Lemon Serif Unicase Bold

Lemon Serif Font Preview
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