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Magica Font Download

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Magica downloadDesigner: Hans Samuelson
Publisher: Samuelstype
Magica was designed by Hans Samuelson and published by Samuelstype. Magica contains 60 styles and family package options.  

Samuelstype presents a new typographic system, intended to bring new versatility to any type-oriented project. The Magica family is generated from three basic interpolation premises; width, weight and serif. The presence of serif being a very prominent feature, this divides the family into four subfamilies; Jade (no serif), Onyx, Ruby and Topaz (full serif). In its present configuration the complete family counts 60 fonts, available in convenient packs at very reasonable price levels.

Please note that at present Magica is only available in packs.

Font Family:
· Magica Jade III Thin
· Magica Jade III Light
· Magica Jade III Regular
· Magica Jade III Demi
· Magica Jade III Bold
· Magica Jade V Thin
· Magica Jade V Light
· Magica Jade V Regular
· Magica Jade V demi
· Magica Jade V Bold
· Magica Jade X Thin
· Magica Jade X Light
· Magica Jade X Regular
· Magica Jade X Demi
· Magica Jade X Bold
· Magica Onyx III Thin
· Magica Onyx III Light
· Magica Onyx III Regular
· Magica Onyx III Demi
· Magica Onyx III Bold
· Magica Onyx V Thin
· Magica Onyx V Light
· Magica Onyx V Regular
· Magica Onyx V Demi
· Magica Onyx V Bold
· Magica Onyx X Thin
· Magica Onyx X Light
· Magica Onyx X Regular
· Magica Onyx X Demi
· Magica Onyx X Bold
· Magica Ruby III Thin
· Magica Ruby III Light
· Magica Ruby III Regular
· Magica Ruby III Demi
· Magica Ruby III Bold
· Magica Ruby V Thin
· Magica Ruby V Light
· Magica Ruby V Regular
· Magica Ruby V Demi
· Magica Ruby V Bold
· Magica Ruby X Thin
· Magica Ruby X Light
· Magica Ruby X Regular
· Magica Ruby X Demi
· Magica Ruby X Bold
· Magica Topaz III Thin
· Magica Topaz III Light
· Magica Topaz III Regular
· Magica Topaz III Demi
· Magica Topaz III Bold
· Magica Topaz V Thin
· Magica Topaz V Light
· Magica Topaz V Regular
· Magica Topaz V Demi
· Magica Topaz V Bold
· Magica Topaz X Thin
· Magica Topaz X Light
· Magica Topaz X Regular
· Magica Topaz X Demi
· Magica Topaz X Bold

Tags: bold, classic, condensed, contemporary, crisp, family, legible, magazine, narrow, news, newspaper, poster, retro, sans, sans serif, semi sans, semiserif, serf, style, superfamily, system, text, thin, versatile

Magica Font Preview

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