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Niva Font Download

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Niva downloadDesigner: Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera
Publisher: PeGGO Fonts
Designed by Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera, Niva is a sans serif and display sans font family. This typeface has sixty styles and was published by PeGGO Fonts.

Niva is a display font family with 6 typographical groups in 10 weights each one, including a standard version, 2 italic widths, an alternative version and true small caps with italic version, too.

The creative idea follows concepts like future, technology, science, the structural principle focus in simplify complex details on letterforms ‘clean corners’ giving a luminous and sophisticated design with a ‘technologique’ touch, built in legible proportions which works as well as ‘display (titles)’ and even at small ‘text’ requirements.

This family is especially recommended to be applied on digital and prints contexts as magazines, books, printed ads, UI & website design, digital mobile apps graphics, video and TV screen contents as videogames.

Font Family:
· Niva Thin
· Niva Thin Italic
· Niva UltraLight
· Niva UltraLight Italic
· Niva ExtraLight
· Niva ExtraLight Italic
· Niva Light
· Niva Light Italic
· Niva Book
· Niva Book Italic
· Niva Regular
· Niva Italic
· Niva Medium
· Niva Medium Italic
· Niva Bold
· Niva Bold Italic
· Niva Black
· Niva Black Italic
· Niva ExtraBlack
· Niva ExtraBlack Italic
· Niva Condensed Thin Italic
· Niva Condensed UltraLight Italic
· Niva Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Niva Condensed Light Italic
· Niva Condensed Book Italic
· Niva Condensed Italic
· Niva Condensed Medium Italic
· Niva Condensed Bold Italic
· Niva Condensed Black Italic
· Niva Condensed ExtraBlack Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Thin
· Niva SmallCaps Thin Italic
· Niva SmallCaps UltraLight
· Niva SmallCaps UltraLight Italic
· Niva SmallCaps ExtraLight
· Niva SmallCaps ExtraLight Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Light
· Niva SmallCaps Light Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Book
· Niva SmallCaps Book Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Regular
· Niva SmallCaps Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Medium
· Niva SmallCaps Medium Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Bold
· Niva SmallCaps Bold Italic
· Niva SmallCaps Black
· Niva SmallCaps Black Italic
· Niva SmallCaps ExtraBlack Extra
· Niva SmallCaps ExtraBlack Italic
· Niva Alt Thin
· Niva Alt UltraLight
· Niva Alt ExtraLight
· Niva Alt Light
· Niva Alt Book
· Niva Alt Regular
· Niva Alt Medium
· Niva Alt Bold
· Niva Alt Black
· Niva Alt ExtraBlack

Niva Font Preview
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