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Nuber Next Font Download

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Nuber Next downloadDesigner: Jonathan Hill
Publisher: The Northern Block
Designed by Jonathan Hill, Nuber Next is a sans serif font family. This typeface has ninety styles and was published by The Northern Block.

Nuber Next is a modern geometric sans influenced by the popular neo-grotesques of the 1950s including Helvetica and Univers. Carefully remastered from the original Nuber type family to improve letter shape, overall uniformity and introduce a flexible width system capable of handling a wider variety of modern typographic methods. Details include 573 characters, nine weights, five widths with matching italics, alternative uppercase R, alternative lowercase a, e, g, i and y. Opentype features include five variations of numerals, numerators, denominators, fractions and language support covering Western, South and Central Europe.

Font Family:
· Nuber Next Thin
· Nuber Next Thin Italic
· Nuber Next Ultra Light
· Nuber Next Ultra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Extra Light
· Nuber Next Extra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Light
· Nuber Next Light Italic
· Nuber Next Regular
· Nuber Next Italic
· Nuber Next Demi Bold
· Nuber Next Demi Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Bold
· Nuber Next Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Heavy
· Nuber Next Heavy Italic
· Nuber Next Black
· Nuber Next Black Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Thin
· Nuber Next Compressed Thin Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Ultra Light
· Nuber Next Compressed Ultra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Extra Light
· Nuber Next Compressed Extra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Light
· Nuber Next Compressed Light Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Regular
· Nuber Next Compressed Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Demi Bold
· Nuber Next Compressed Demi Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Bold
· Nuber Next Compressed Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Heavy
· Nuber Next Compressed Heavy Italic
· Nuber Next Compressed Black
· Nuber Next Compressed Black Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Thin
· Nuber Next Condensed Thin Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Ultra Light
· Nuber Next Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Extra Light
· Nuber Next Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Light
· Nuber Next Condensed Light Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Regular
· Nuber Next Condensed Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Demi Bold
· Nuber Next Condensed Demi Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Bold
· Nuber Next Condensed Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Heavy
· Nuber Next Condensed Heavy Italic
· Nuber Next Condensed Black
· Nuber Next Condensed Black Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Thin
· Nuber Next Extended Thin Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Ultra Light
· Nuber Next Extended Ultra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Extra Light
· Nuber Next Extended Extra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Light
· Nuber Next Extended Light Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Regular
· Nuber Next Extended Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Demi Bold
· Nuber Next Extended Demi Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Bold
· Nuber Next Extended Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Heavy
· Nuber Next Extended Heavy Italic
· Nuber Next Extended Black
· Nuber Next Extended Black Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Thin
· Nuber Next Wide Thin Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Ultra Light
· Nuber Next Wide Ultra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Extra Light
· Nuber Next Wide Extra Light Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Light
· Nuber Next Wide Light Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Regular
· Nuber Next Wide Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Demi Bold
· Nuber Next Wide Demi Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Bold
· Nuber Next Wide Bold Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Heavy
· Nuber Next Wide Heavy Italic
· Nuber Next Wide Black
· Nuber Next Wide Black Italic

Nuber Next Font Preview
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