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Slowglass Font Download

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Slowglass downloadDesigner: Adam Jagosz
Publisher: Adam Jagosz
Slowglass was designed by Adam Jagosz and published by Adam Jagosz. Slowglass contains 30 styles and family package options. The font is currently #46 in Hot New Fonts. 

Slowglass is a geometric semi-serif typeface accompanied by flamboyant geohumanist italics. Slightly defiant wedge serifs and wide stance are balanced with softly rounded strokes for an overall friendly tone. Stylistic alternates include text forms for increased legibility as well as unicase variants partly inspired by uncial scripts, available both as font features and in complementary font subfamilies: Slowglass Alt and Slowglass Text. With over 1500 glyphs per weight, the fonts support 80+ Latin-based languages including Vietnamese, 14 Cyrillic-based languages and polytonic Greek.

OpenType features:

Six sets of figures: proportional & tabular - oldstyle, lining & petite (ss20)Superscript and subscript figuresFractions, numerators, denominatorsOptional slashed zeroCase-sensitive formsGlyph composition/decomposition (support for Navajo and Greek)Localization (Dutch, Marshallese, Bulgarian)

Stylistic Sets:

ss01 Roman: Two-story a, loopy α / Italic: Loopy αss02 Roman: Simple g / Italic: Simple kss03 Unicase rss04 Alt f t г п т γss05 Descending η χss06 Unicase β ζ θ ξss07 Alt в г д ж з к п т юss08 Latinized ς, cursive и йss09 Round Δ Λ Д д Л л Љ љss10 Full-stem a qss11 Seriffed Iss12 Unicase Ass13 Unicase E Ωss14 Descending F T Г Пss15 Descending G P Q Yss16 Unicase M N И H Yss17 Extending Φ Ψss20 Petite figures

Font Family:
· Slowglass Thin
· Slowglass Text Thin
· Slowglass Alt Thin
· Slowglass Thin Italic
· Slowglass Text Thin Italic
· Slowglass Alt Thin Italic
· Slowglass Regular
· Slowglass Text Regular
· Slowglass Alt Regular
· Slowglass Italic
· Slowglass Text Italic
· Slowglass Alt Italic
· Slowglass Medium
· Slowglass Text Medium
· Slowglass Alt Medium
· Slowglass Medium Italic
· Slowglass Text Medium Italic
· Slowglass Alt Medium Italic
· Slowglass Bold
· Slowglass Text Bold
· Slowglass Alt Bold
· Slowglass Bold Italic
· Slowglass Text Bold Italic
· Slowglass Alt Bold Italic
· Slowglass Black
· Slowglass Text Black
· Slowglass Alt Black
· Slowglass Black Italic
· Slowglass Text Black Italic
· Slowglass Alt Black Italic

Tags: 1920s, branding, broad, capital sharp s, casual, charming, classic, classy, clean, decorative, delicate, elegance, elegant, fashion, friendly, generous, geohumanist, geometric, greek, large x-height, legible, lineal, localized forms, logotype, luxurious, luxury, monoline, monolinear, multi-script, pan-european, pure, round, rounded, semi-serif, semi serif, short ascender, short descender, short extender, soft, stocky, stumpy, sturdy, stylish, uncial, versal eszett, versatile, vietnamese, warm, wedge serif, wellness, wide
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