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Tablet Gothic Font Download

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Tablet Gothic downloadDesigners: Veronika Burian, José Scaglione
Publisher: TypeTogether
Tablet Gothic was designed by Veronika Burian, José Scaglione and published by TypeTogether. Tablet Gothic contains 84 styles and family package options.  

Graphic designers of any nationality and background know very well that the art of composing titles correctly is not easy, Especially when it comes to periodical publications where there is need for both flexibility and graphic coherence. Tablet Gothic was originally engineered as a titling type family, meant to help designers working on publications that require output as hard copies and a variety of digital platforms at the same time. As such, it is a grotesque sans serif that looks to the future of publishing with a clear understanding of its history, and reminiscences that go back to nineteenth century Britain and Germany.

Tablet Gothic delivers the sturdy, straightforward and clean appearance expected from a grotesque, but it allows itself a good measure of personality to make it stand out on the page. Its 84 styles –six series of condensation and seven weights in each series plus obliques– guarantee that, whatever the publication format is, there's a Tablet Gothic font that will do the job and perform well both technically and aesthetically. Furthermore, the rounder styles, Tablet Gothic Wide, Normal and Narrow achieved amazing results at very small sizes, producing  a beautiful texture and highly readable text blocks.

Tablet Gothic fonts can be purchased individually, by series or as a complete bundle (best value!)

Font Family:
· Tablet Gothic Thin
· Tablet Gothic Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Light
· Tablet Gothic Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Regular
· Tablet Gothic Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Bold
· Tablet Gothic Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Heavy
· Tablet Gothic Heavy Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Thin
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Light
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Regular
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic Compressed SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Bold
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic Compressed ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Heavy
· Tablet Gothic Compressed Heavy Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Thin
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Light
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Regular
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic Condensed SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Bold
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic Condensed ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Heavy
· Tablet Gothic Condensed Heavy Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Thin
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Light
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Regular
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Bold
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Heavy
· Tablet Gothic SemiCondensed Heavy Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Thin
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Light
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Regular
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic Narrow SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Bold
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic Narrow ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Heavy
· Tablet Gothic Narrow Heavy Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide Thin
· Tablet Gothic Wide Thin Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide Light
· Tablet Gothic Wide Light Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide Regular
· Tablet Gothic Wide Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide SemiBold
· Tablet Gothic Wide SemiBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide Bold
· Tablet Gothic Wide Bold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide ExtraBold
· Tablet Gothic Wide ExtraBold Oblique
· Tablet Gothic Wide Heavy
· Tablet Gothic Wide Heavy Oblique

Tags: advertising, big, brand, clean, compressed, condensed, contemporary, corporate, cover, display, editorial, flexible, grotesque, grotesque. legible, logotype, magazine, masculine, multi-functional, newspaper, periodical, personality, publication, punchy, quirky, sans, sans-serif, strong, sturdy, text, titles, warm, wide

Tablet Gothic Font Preview

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