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Taz Font Download

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Taz downloadDesigner: Luc(as) de Groot
Publisher: LucasFonts
Taz was designed by Luc(as) de Groot and published by LucasFonts. Taz contains 128 styles and family package options. The font is currently #48 in Hot New Fonts. 

Although the Taz family was designed for newspapers, it works equally well in many other contexts. The fonts have been used in glossy magazines, sales catalogues and corporate brochures, for instance. Taz is appreciated for its readability in longer texts at medium sizes.

Font Family:
· Taz Condensed Hair04
· Taz Condensed Hair04 Italic
· Taz Condensed Hair06
· Taz Condensed Hair06 Italic
· Taz Condensed Hair09
· Taz Condensed Hair09 Italic
· Taz Condensed Hair14
· Taz Condensed Hair14 Italic
· Taz Condensed Hair21
· Taz Condensed Hair21 Italic
· Taz Condensed UltraLight
· Taz Condensed UltraLight Italic
· Taz Condensed ExtraLight
· Taz Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Taz Condensed Light
· Taz Condensed Light Italic
· Taz Condensed SemiLight
· Taz Condensed SemiLight Italic
· Taz Condensed Regular
· Taz Condensed Italic
· Taz Condensed SemiBold
· Taz Condensed SemiBold Italic
· Taz Condensed Bold
· Taz Condensed Bold Italic
· Taz Condensed ExtraBold
· Taz Condensed ExtraBold Italic
· Taz Condensed Black
· Taz Condensed Black Italic
· Taz Condensed UltraBlack
· Taz Condensed UltraBlack Italic
· Taz Hair04
· Taz Hair04 Italic
· Taz Hair06
· Taz Hair06 Italic
· Taz Hair09
· Taz H09 Italic
· Taz Hair14
· Taz Hair14 Italic
· Taz Hair21
· Taz Hair21 Italic
· Taz Ultra Light
· Taz Ultra Light Italic
· Taz Extra Light
· Taz ExtraLight Italic
· Taz Light
· Taz Light Italic
· Taz SemiLight
· Taz SemiLight Italic
· Taz Regular
· Taz Italic
· Taz SemiBold
· Taz SemiBold Italic
· Taz Bold
· Taz Bold Italic
· Taz ExtraBold
· Taz ExtraBold Italic
· Taz Black
· Taz Black Italic
· Taz UltraBlack
· Taz UltraBlack Italic
· Taz Wide UltraLight
· Taz Wide UltraLight Italic
· Taz Wide ExtraLight
· Taz Wide ExtraLight Italic
· Taz Wide Light
· Taz Wide Light Italic
· Taz Wide SemiLight
· Taz Wide SemiLight Italic
· Taz Wide Regular
· Taz Wide Italic
· Taz Wide SemiBold
· Taz Wide SemiBold Italic
· Taz Wide Bold
· Taz Wide Bold Italic
· Taz Wide ExtraBold
· Taz Wide ExtraBold Italic
· Taz Wide Black
· Taz Wide Black Italic
· Taz Wide UltraBlack
· Taz Wide UltraBlack Italic
· Taz Extended UltraLight
· Taz Extended UltraLight Italic
· Taz Extended ExtraLight
· Taz Extended ExtraLight Italic
· Taz Extended Light
· Taz Extended Light Italic
· Taz Extended SemiLight
· Taz Extended SemiLight Italic
· Taz Extended Regular
· Taz Extended Italic
· Taz Extended SemiBold
· Taz Extended SemiBold Italic
· Taz Extended Bold
· Taz Extended Bold Italic
· Taz Extended ExtraBold
· Taz Extended ExtraBold Italic
· Taz Extended Black
· Taz Extended Black Italic
· Taz Extended UltraBlack
· Taz Extended UltraBlack Italic

Tags: branding, clean, compact, condensed, corporate, extended, glossy, hairline, headline, heavy, logotype, magazine, modern, newspapers, packaging, poster, real italics, sans, sans serif, short descenders, text, ultra black, ultra thin, ultra wide, wide, wide font, wide sans
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