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TT Supermolot Neue Font Download

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TT Supermolot Neue downloadDesigners: Ivan Gladkikh, Roman Ershov, TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak
Publisher: TypeType
TT Supermolot Neue was designed by Ivan Gladkikh, Roman Ershov, TypeType Team, Nadezhda Polomoshnova, Marina Khodak and published by TypeType. TT Supermolot Neue contains 54 styles and family package options.  

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TT Supermolot Neue PDF Type Specimen

TT Supermolot Neue graphic presentation at Behance

Looking for a custom version of TT Supermolot Neue?

TT Supermolot Neue is a redesigned, extended and greatly enhanced reincarnation of the popular TT Supermolot and TT Supermolot Condensed font families. During its existence, the hammers ('molot' in Russian) managed to get into the spotlight in a huge number of projects, for example, in popular video games, films, and branding. Despite its popularity, the limited composition of old families put boundaries their development, which prompted us to release a completely redesigned and greatly extended version. And while the old families could offer designers only a limited number of tools, in the new version you can already find 54 fonts, and each individual font now consists of more than 620 glyphs.

First, we have added a completely new subfamily, TT Supermolot Neue Extended. But this is only the tip of the iceberg-in order to achieve visual harmony between the three subfamilies, we completely revised the distribution of widths among them. As a result of this work, the width of the TT Supermolot Neue Normal subfamily became a bit narrower, and the width of the TT Supermolot Neue Condensed subfamily became even narrower than it was in the old version. Secondly, we've increased the number of weights. While in the old versions there were only 5 weights, in the new ones there are 9 in each of the subfamilies.

In addition, we gave a facelift to the lowercase and uppercase letters. In TT Supermolot Neue, the design of all controversial grapheme forms was soothed and now the family can also be used in the text set. We have completely redrawn italics. It took us half a year to compensate for all the circles, to transform italic strokes, to work out the position of the diacritics, to make right the spacing, and to finish kerning.

Following a good tradition, in the TT Supermolot Neue extensive support for useful OpenType features was added, and hinting was also improved. If we talk about visual features, we recommend paying closer attention to two stylistic sets: the first set (ss01) is designed to make the typeface more humanist, and when you turn on the second set (ss02), the typeface becomes even more technological. In addition, the typeface has more than 26 items of standard and discretionary ligatures. We also have not forgotten about the figures and we added a set of old-style figures to the standard version. In addition, the typeface has case, ordn, frac, sups, sinf, numr, dnom, onum, tnum, lnum, pnum, calt, liga, dlig, salt, ss01, ss02.

Font Family:
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Thin
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Thin Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded ExtraLight
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded ExtraLight Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Light
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Light Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Regular
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Medium
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Medium Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded DemiBold
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded DemiBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Bold
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Bold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded ExtraBold
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded ExtraBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Black
· TT Supermolot Neue Expanded Black Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Thin
· TT Supermolot Neue Thin Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue ExtraLight
· TT Supermolot Neue ExtraLight Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Light
· TT Supermolot Neue Light Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Regular
· TT Supermolot Neue Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Medium
· TT Supermolot Neue Medium Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue DemiBold
· TT Supermolot Neue DemiBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Bold
· TT Supermolot Neue Bold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue ExtraBold
· TT Supermolot Neue ExtraBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Black
· TT Supermolot Neue Black Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Thin
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Thin Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed ExtraLight
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Light
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Light Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Regular
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Medium
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Medium Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed DemiBold
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed DemiBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Bold
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Bold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed ExtraBold
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed ExtraBold Italic
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Black
· TT Supermolot Neue Condensed Black Italic

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