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Univers Next Font Download

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Univers Next downloadDesigners: Adrian Frutiger, Linotype Design Studio
Publisher: Linotype
Univers Next was designed by Adrian Frutiger, Linotype Design Studio and published by Linotype. Univers Next contains 59 styles.  

Univers Next is a completely reworked version of the original Univers typeface family by Adrian Frutiger. Based on a student project he drew in the late 1940s, Frutiger completed the Univers family in 1957 for Deberny and Peignot, where he was a staff designer. As the first large type family to be conceived in a wide range of widths and weights right from its inception, with a unique systemized numbering system, Univers was truly a trailblazer.

In 1997 Adrian Frutiger and the design staff at Linotype completed the large joint project that resulted in Linotype Univers, a cohesive font family of 63 weights. The existing weights were completely redrawn, making the proportions more consistent and improving fine details such as curves and thick-to-thin stroke ratios. By following Frutiger's original designs, Univers's humanist characteristics were underlined.

Linotype Univers was further extended in 2010, and renamed Univers Next to harmonize with the naming of the other type families in Linotype's prestigious Platinum Collection.

Font Family:
· Univers Next Pro 130 Basic Ultra Light
· Univers Next Pro 131 Basic Ultra Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 230 Basic Thin
· Univers Next Pro 231 Basic Thin Italic
· Univers Next Pro 330 Basic Light
· Univers Next Pro 331 Basic Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 430 Basic Regular
· Univers Next Pro 431 Basic Italic
· Univers Next Pro 530 Basic Medium
· Univers Next Pro 531 Basic Medium Italic
· Univers Next Pro 630 Basic Bold
· Univers Next Pro 631 Basic Bold Italic
· Univers Next Pro 730 Basic Heavy
· Univers Next Pro 731 Basic Heavy Italic
· Univers Next Pro 830 Basic Black
· Univers Next Pro 831 Basic Black Italic
· Univers Next Pro 930 Basic Extra Black
· Univers Next Pro 931 Basic Extra Black Italic
· Univers Next Pro 120 Condensed Ultra Light
· Univers Next Pro 121 Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 220 Condensed Thin
· Univers Next Pro 221 Condensed Thin Italic
· Univers Next Pro 320 Condensed Light
· Univers Next Pro 321 Condensed Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 420 Condensed Regular
· Univers Next Pro 421 Condensed Italic
· Univers Next Pro 520 Condensed Medium
· Univers Next Pro 521 Condensed Medium Italic
· Univers Next Pro 620 Condensed Bold
· Univers Next Pro 621 Condensed Bold Italic
· Univers Next Pro 720 Condensed Heavy
· Univers Next Pro 721 Condensed Heavy Italic
· Univers Next Pro 820 Condensed Black
· Univers Next Pro 821 Condensed Black Italic
· Univers Next Pro 920 Condensed Extra Black
· Univers Next Pro 921 Condensed Extra Black Italic
· Univers Next Pro 110 Compressed Ultra Light
· Univers Next Pro 210 Compressed Thin
· Univers Next Pro 310 Compressed Light
· Univers Next Pro 410 Compressed Regular
· Univers Next Pro 510 Compressed Medium
· Univers Next Pro 140 Extended Ultra Light
· Univers Next Pro 141 Extended Ultra Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 240 Extended Thin
· Univers Next Pro 241 Extended Thin Italic
· Univers Next Pro 340 Extended Light
· Univers Next Pro 341 Extended Light Italic
· Univers Next Pro 440 Extended Regular
· Univers Next Pro 441 Extended Regular Italic
· Univers Next Pro 540 Extended Medium
· Univers Next Pro 541 Extended Medium Italic
· Univers Next Pro 640 Extended Bold
· Univers Next Pro 641 Extended Bold Italic
· Univers Next Pro 740 Extended Heavy
· Univers Next Pro 741 Extended Heavy Italic
· Univers Next Pro 840 Extended Black
· Univers Next Pro 841 Extended Black Italic
· Univers Next Pro 940 Extended Extra Black
· Univers Next Pro 941 Extended Extra Black Italic

Univers Next Font Preview

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