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Walbaum Font Download

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Walbaum downloadDesigners: Carl Crossgrove, Charles Nix, Juan Villanueva
Publisher: Monotype
Walbaum was designed by Carl Crossgrove, Charles Nix, Juan Villanueva and published by Monotype. Walbaum contains 69 styles and family package options.  

First designed in the early 1800s, Walbaum never achieved the audience or acclaim it deserved – despite its easy elegance, and sophisticated persona. It's been fully restored for this expansive family, which includes 32 weights including ornaments and two decorative cuts.

Walbaum offers the kind of warmth that's missing from comparable typefaces such as Bodoni or Didot, feeling effortlessly approachable and legible. Monotype team Carl Crossgrove, Charles Nix and Juan Villanueva have adhered to designer Justus Erich Walbaum's original intentions, also incorporating work by the designer's son into some of its more extreme display weights – pushing the possibilities of Walbaum without compromising on its spirit. Text weights work well for the demands of digital environments, while decorative and display weights offer more dramatic, sculptural forms. Unusually, the family also includes a generous range of ornaments. From massive billboards, to micro-type on e-readers, Walbaum has it covered.

The family is available as OpenType OTF font format, and includes over 600 glyphs with OpenType typographic features including small capitals, old style and lining figures, proportional and tabular figures, fractions and ligatures.

A user guide is available in PDF format from the gallery view. It gives an overview of the optical sizing available and provides a keyboard guide for the ornaments.

Font Family:
· Walbaum Pro 06pt Regular
· Walbaum Pro 06pt Italic
· Walbaum Pro 06pt SemiBold
· Walbaum Pro 06pt SemiBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 06pt Bold
· Walbaum Pro 06pt Bold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Light
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Light Italic
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Regular
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Italic
· Walbaum Pro 12pt SemiBold
· Walbaum Pro 12pt SemiBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Bold
· Walbaum Pro 12pt Bold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Light
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Light Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Regular
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Medium
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Medium Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt SemiBold
· Walbaum Pro 18pt SemiBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Bold
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Bold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt ExtraBold
· Walbaum Pro 18pt ExtraBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Heavy
· Walbaum Pro 18pt Heavy Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Thin
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Thin Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Light
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Light Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Regular
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Medium
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Medium Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt SemiBold
· Walbaum Pro 60pt SemiBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Bold
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Bold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt ExtraBold
· Walbaum Pro 60pt ExtraBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Heavy
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Heavy Italic
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Black
· Walbaum Pro 60pt Black Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Thin
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Thin Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Light
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Light Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Regular
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Medium
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Medium Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Semibold
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Semibold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Bold
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Bold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt ExtraBold
· Walbaum Pro 96pt ExtraBold Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Heavy
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Heavy Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Black
· Walbaum Pro 96pt Black Italic
· Walbaum Pro 96pt ExtraBlack
· Walbaum Pro 96pt ExtraBlack Italic
· Walbaum Pro Deco Decorated
· Walbaum Pro Deco Inline
· Walbaum Deco Ornaments

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